The Posts article shows an example of cubicle sized apartments with annual rent of $27,960 and financial advisers recommend spending no more than 30% of income on rent. After a few years that is a lot of lost money. And "So those clamoring for it should ideally earn at least $90,000 a year. The average salary in New York City is only $69,182."

Ugh - as an employer of young adults and a parent, trying to teach my kids that overpaying for an apartment just isn't worth it. Invest in Real Estate! 10-20% down on a $300,000 property (apartment or house) in an area that is booming, with a better quality of life you can invest in an asset, gain equity, and have appreciation.

I recommend Charlotte, but there are many growing areas. I wish someone guided me to do this when I was a 20 something!

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Curveball 2022 Interest rates effect on the sale or purchase of homes or investment properties.


I have been meeting with different lenders investigating options for unconventional type loans and yesterday met with one of them, TruLoan Mortgage. In their brochure they have interesting charts with the "Cost of Waiting" to buy the new dream home! See below interesting sample of what is in the report. To see more tools and stats - login to RE Info for members tab.

In a tough time competing for homes, and getting mortgages locked up quickly - They have an interesting program that allows buyers the ability to compete with others for all cash offers and no mortgage contingencies and they guarantee to close on time in as little as 21 days.